Too many votes on straw poll

When the !poll command is succesfully used, upon using the !poll results command, there are more votes than there are viewers on the stream, how do i fix this and what is causing it?

Users are generally prevented from voting multiple times by default (although you can configure it to allow multiple votes). There may be more viewers than you imagine, or some users could be using multiple IPs to vote.

What im saying is that the !poll command does not make a captcha test on the poll, like when i do it on my own, and there would be hundreds of votes with barely 10 viewers on stream. The fact is, i dont know how to fix it. But thank you nonetheless.

Refer to this if you want to make a poll that requires users to solve a captcha before voting.

I’ve been using the API outside the poll command, and even when I don’t advertise the link, it can be stuffed with a hundred votes in less than a minute. There must be a bot army out there looking for new polls and voting, even with IP address checking

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