!title not working

So on a channel I mod the command “!title” hasn’t been working, we tried him signing out and back in and we are getting the same error. Here is the error

Thank you for help in advance!

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Hey @sir_lord_chimchar!

Have you tried doing what the error is suggesting?
Have the streamer go to Nightbot’s website and log in.

Yes we have tried doing that

Okay, then have the streamer log out of the dashboard first (by clicking on their profile picture in the top right corner), and then log back in, in 99% of the cases that fixes the issue.

If that still doesn’t work, they’ll need to log out of the dashboard once more, then go to their Twitch Connections, scroll to the bottom, Disconnect Nightbot, and then log back in Nightbot’s website.

Thank you, we shall try this soon

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