!title & !game commands are "one action" behind

As pictured below, it seems like our nightbot is literally one step behind. Attempts at changing the game or the title only take effect when we try to change them a second time, using the first input. So the stream starts with title “Default” which was input via the dashboard, then and mod uses !title Example 1, and it says the title is changed to “Default”, thus remaining the same, then we try !title Example 2, and it changes the title to Example 1.

!game follows the same interaction, updating one behind the last input.

Pics below.


*apologies, after further messing with, & realizing this issue also presents itself when attempted via the dashboard, safe to assume this is a twitch issue & not nightbot related. Would not be opposed to any advise if someone has encountered this before, but I have reached out to twitch support so thanks either way.

This is indeed a Twitch bug. We send the status/game as entered and return the result directly from their API. They are returning the old status/game in the response, unfortunately.

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