Timing out user for posting link when there's no link in the message

Anyone knows why Nightbot trigger timeout on “posting links” for this? (The username has been anonymized)

7:10 AM -------​ A quick good morning haven’t slept so well because of storm shaking loud roof lol
7:11 AM -------​ Not so much wind now and much quieter
7:12 AM Nightbot ​------- -> AAhhh… much better! [stop posting links] [warning]
7:12 AM ------- was timed out by Nightbot for 5 seconds.
7:13 AM ------- ​Posting what? Lol


This doesn’t set off any of the link filters, most likely the message was removed from Twitch. You can double check if it’s still in the Recent Events panel in Nightbot Dashboard. Any and all link messages need to have a period in them.

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Thanks Aaron128l,
The log revealed the message: "Bbl.today​:blush::point_left:"
But still a bit odd that Nightbot trigged on this. A period with no space i guess.
Anyway, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Btw: I’m using Nightbot on Youtube not on Twitch, sorry for not mention that. I don’t think that matter though. I believe the same basic mechanisms are in function on both platforms.


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