Timers are not working

My timers are not working

Can you provide some additional information about the settings you currently have?

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Name: Sister
Message: Follow KHRYSTYA’S Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/.khrystya./?hl=ru
Interval: Every 5 mins
Chat lines: 50 lines
And there is no alia.
And the commands are working

Hey @V_A_N_E_K!

Reduce the amount of chat lines to something like 5 or 10 and it should work, or even lower.
Chat lines is the amount of messages in 5min required to send the timer message, so if you don’t get 50 messages in 5min, the timer will not be triggered.

It’s not working still

The way you configured the timer, it’ll send a message every 5min, so for example:
10:00am 10:05am 10:10am 10:15am 10:20am etc.
If you set up the chat lines to 5 for example, that means for the message to be sent at 10:05am you need to have at least 5 messages sent in your chat between 10:00am and 10:05am.
If these conditions aren’t met the timer will not send the message.
Have you made sure these conditions were met for testing?

Looks like you’re streaming on YouTube, so to test the timer you’ll have to launch a stream and make sure you look at Live Chat and not Top Chat.

I dont understand what are you talking about

You’re streaming on YouTube, right?
Well, for Nightbot to reply to commands on YouTube you must be streaming.
And when you stream there are a Top Chat and a Live Chat.
Nightbot is only active in the Live Chat.
So make sure you’re live streaming and that you’re in the Live Chat to test the timer.

Then if your timer Chat Lines is set to 50, Nightbot will turn send a message only if within the last 5min people have sent 50 messages or more in your chat.
So if you set Chat Lines to 2, it’ll send a message only if within the last 5min people have sent 2 messages or more in your chat.
And if your timer Interval is 5min, Nightbot will send the message every 5min.
If the timer Interval was 10min it would send a message every 10min, but only if the minimum amount of sent messages within the last 5min has been reached.

ok, I was steaming on ps4 and commands were working but timers were not : (

Are the timers working now? Just want to make sure since you just said they were not working.

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They are not working still

Read the chat :heart_eyes: :unamused: :unamused: :smirk: :slightly_smiling_face: :cold_face: :face_with_head_bandage:

If the timer is set up properly as we recommended and if the chat is active, it should be working.
We gave you every explanations on how to make it work and every possibilities of why you don’t see it, if there’s still an issue, it’s on your side to solve it because Nightbot’s timer are working just fine.
I’m confident the timer is working and you’re just not looking at the right chat.
May I suggest getting an adult to help if you don’t fully understand our explanations.
Make them read this conversation and they should be able to guide you.

So it is only working on 9;00 not on 8;36.
I just thought that will work everytime and each 5 min
I did not check but it worked on 9;05
and then it wasnt working

That means the timer is working properly, if you don’t understand why, read our replies again.

If timers fail to post, it’s generally because:

  • your line minimum (within 5 minutes prior) has not been met
  • platform spam protection filtered it

Since you state there is some success, I suspect its the line minimum not being reached. Nightbot will not post timed messages to mostly idle chat rooms (otherwise it is basically spam), so if you count less than the minimum of messages 5 minutes prior to the timer then that’s why.

With more verbosity, if there is a line minimum of 5, it’s 9:05pm, and there’s only been 3 messages in chat since 9:00pm then it would not post.

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