Timers are no longer working

Hey! New to Nightbot, clearly!

I have 3 simple timers on rotation and they were working swimmingly for the first 2 days, but yesterday when i logged in, the dashboard is showing an error bubble in the top right hand side of the dashboard but it is blank, so I cant see the problem, and now Nightbot wont put my timers in my stream. The settings arent too high, i have a slow chat so they repeat every 25 minutes after 2 lines of chat.(One of them every 40 minutes after 2 lines of chat).
Ive tried all of the normal T&E options. Logging out and back in, re-adding the timers and command. The command is working but not the timers.

thanks a bunch, though Im having issues, Im so happy Nightbot is around to use.


Sorry about that you are facing the same issue that was happening earlier, this also effect timers and the issue should be resolved at this time.