Timer not working

Hello everyone. I realize that a timer will activate when at least 2 lines pass in my Discord five minutes prior to when it should be activating. However, in my case it does not. I personally type the messages manually into chat 5 minutes before it should activate but it doesn’t work.

Those are my settings for the timers.

i dont believe nightbot takes discord messages into account with timers, it is strictly twitch chat where the timers activate and track lines.

Oh, so it doesn’t work in Discord? I thought it did. Thanks anyway. I’m gonna have to find like an announcment bot or something.

There is a nice list of discord bots on this site: https://www.carbonitex.net/Discord/bots

I’m not sure of one that might fit what you need but there is definitely a bunch on there :slight_smile:

There really isn’t a point to announcing things in Discord. You should place announcements in an announcements channel or in the channel topic. Timers are useful for Twitch because Twitch doesn’t have such commodities.

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