Timer not Working

Hi,when my Livestream is offline in the Chat Nightbot didnt say for example Follow me here
i´m Streaming on Twitch.They Didnt say anything only somethimes hes say what,i dont know why.
and also when i stream hes say the alias command instagram dont not exite

Can anybody help me please?
Sorry for my Bad Englisch,i´m From Germany.

Hey @onlounge!

Timers only work if chatters have at least sent 2 messages within 5 minutes, so if no one is talking in your chat, which is normal for an offline channel, the timers aren’t active.

And regarding your Instagram command, it doesn’t look like you have one, so that’s why it says that the alias command doesn’t exist, you filled the alias field that is supposed to call another command, if that command doesn’t exist, you’ll get that message.

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