Timer for discord

Ive read that its not implemented but is it possible to request it.
example my current sest-up:
!commands add !timer $countdown(0:00:00 gmt)
!commands add !settimer !commands edit !timer $(query)
!settimer $(countdown 14:17:00 gmt gmt)

It would be nice to remind the whole channel of a world boss spawn or guild war every few hours/mins when nightbot just timers the alias !timer.

I could use different bot I know but I like nightbot to do all the job since he has a lot of features already. Hope its possible. thanks

First add the command, you can make it anything.
!commands add !timer <anything (will be changed, just has to exist)>

Then add a set command. Making sure to replace <SetTimezone> with the [Timezone]:frowning:https://docs.nightbot.tv/commands/variables/time#timezones) of your choice.
!commands add !settimer -ul=moderator -a=!commands edit !timer Current Time Left: $(countdown $(query) <SetTimezone>)

To Set:
!settimer 5:00:00 PM to set to countdown until 5pm

Yes Ive made this work already. My request was automating the reminder instead of someone having to type !timer. if the timer worked for discord to i could just call the alias every 15 mins.
Thank you for the reply

Timers cannot be used in Discord, only Twitch/YouTube Gaming. There’s really no other way to automate it otherwise.

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