Timer for a run on youtube

I suck at commands so im trying to see if someone could help me. I need a timer that starts while streaming the game and viewers can check to see the time. Can anyone help with this? That would be amazing!

It sounds like you want an uptime command? If so you would use the Twitch varible if you’re using twitch. If you’re on YouTube or trovo you would have to make a separate api for atleast trovo not certain if YouTube offers such endpoints.
Here is also a previous post on a uptime command for twitch.

Though I think maybe you might want a timer for like speedrunning or something which I would suggest using an overlay rather than nightbot for so people can just see it on the screen without use of a command

Well the thing is im on youtube and also im on ps4 streaming direct from console so unfortunately overlay is not an option :frowning:

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