Timeout Issue for my YouTube Livestream?

Hi all. I am running into a problem with my YouTube livestreams and Nightbot. I have had numerous viewers tell me that they are being timed out. I am not sure if Nightbot is automatically timing them out or its just a YouTube thing. My viewers can’t post in chat for 10 minutes after there post, and the message that comes up for them is that the channel owner or moderator placed them in timeout. This is even happening to my regulars. It doesnt happen to my moderators if they have been added before a stream starts. Is this a Nightbot thing? If so how can I fix it? If not then does anyone know what’s going on?

It’s possibly a nightbot issue but most likely not since your would have to go out of your way to set it up so that the warnings don’t show. But you can check you nightbot dashboard spam protection tab and see if that has anything to do with it. What was the last message these people are sending before the timeouts? Or is it random?

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