This might be new to everyone, and might not be:

i am using GiselleBot to manage my webhooks.

one of her features is handling an RSS Feed webhoook.

the feed url is

the webhook url is

i tried, even, to put the webhook url in the Feed Redirect box [in my Blogger (] settings, before i posted this, and Nightbot blocks RSS Feed transfer into my designated Discord Channel under Link Spam.

i even put GiselleBot onto the Moderator Tier [where i have my Exceptions at], and the RSS Feed transfer is still being blocked by Nightbot.

this is some funny stuff, and i hope that i don’t have to disable Spam Filtering in Nightbot–and enable Spam Filtering elsewhere–just to let this webhook through. i wish that i may give permanent permission [under the !permission command] to “@GooseandClover Broadcasting”.

Hey @gooseandclover!

Messages sent by webhooks aren’t linked to any bot in particular, so that’s why Nightbot still deletes these.

I’m not sure how Nightbot works in Discord, but either you have the option to whitelist that channel in the dashboard, or you can add Nightbot as user in the permissions settings of the channel to prevent Nightbot from reading messages and managing them:

If it’s a channel dedicated to the RSS feed no one else is posting in it, right? So it doesn’t need to be watched by Nightbot.

And/or whitelist your website:

Also, delete your current webhook and make a new one, don’t share it again, anyone can post to your server with it now. As you might have noticed, I sent you a notification through that webhook.

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thank you very much, and for not being mean about my mistake. there are a lot of simple things [like simply taking Nighbot out of the channel altogether, like you suggest] that give me all kinds of slap-my-head moments, and i wish i can send you a friend request somewhere, lol.

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