Theo Von random quote command

I know we have a lot of talented people here a lot more talent than I have myself. I was wondering if someone could help me or just them create a custom Theon command that pulls one of his random quotes. Every time the command is used. I hope that makes sense.

not sure who or what a theon is, but do u have these quotes stored somewhere?

$(eval q="$(querystring)"; p=$(urlfetch json","); elem=p[Math.floor(Math.random()*p.length)]; elem)

something like this should work. change link and seperator as per your need.

Hey There!!

Seeking assistance to develop a custom Theo Von random quote command—hoping someone can lend their talent for a fun, quirky touch. On a related note, have you explored the diverse world of podcasts on Spotify (/

Thanks a lot!! You can ask Query if you needed!!

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