Teak’s Last Tweet Nightbot Command

Have you ever wanted to be able to share your last tweet to your viewers? Well Teak has created a basic command to do so. This is a great feature if you are having a Twitter giveaway or want to share you last tweet. It is a basic command and easy to implement.

The basic command is

!addcom !LastTweet $(customapi http://api.newtimenow.com/last-tweet/?q=TWITTERUSERNAME)

It would look like this.

Then it will have the tweet your last tweet including any links that are present in the tweet.

You can even customize the command to make it more personal if you like. Just make sure the format for the basic command is present.

!addcom !LastTweet ADD TEXT HERE $(customapi http://api.newtimenow.com/last-tweet/?q=TWITTERUSERNAME)

Hope this basic guide helps you incorporate your social networking into you chat more!
Vaughn Whiskey


If the tweet contains a second row(manually) it doesn’t show up since you can’t do new rows in chat, it also would be great if it provides you with a link to any picture in the tweet aswell.

Hey FatPala,

The indenting thing is kind of silly but I will forward it to Teak to see his thoughts. As for the image, it links to the tweet. This is the best way because it has the context and image. Also with our preview feature for BTTV, this will prevent people sharing inappropriate things.


I will not be adding support for second lines. It would not add to the experience…

As for images, I agree with vaughn.

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I really enjoy all of these little but useful add-ons that improve Nightbot in ways I could never come up with. Keep up the great work!

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I tested it and currently the command displays the tweet together with date and time it was posted. Is there any way to edit if/how the time is displayed?

No, unfortunately there is not anything configurable.

Hello is it possible to show the link for the tweet itself (instead of links IN the tweet)? It would be greatly helpful for rt commands :slight_smile:

NVM! I found an API on Google for it :slight_smile:

Here it is:

It can be really helpful for !rt commands. Also ad &no_rts at the end if you don’t want RTs :slight_smile: