Teak’s !HowLong Following Nightbot Command


The example @Aaron128l provided is correct. Be sure you’re using the command properly.

Example Usage:
!followlength user_name


Do you might doing the full thing, im sorry ive been trying for a while now and im just getting really tired of it. I would really appreciate it honestly.


This one will work. If you test it in your own stream, remember you can’t follow yourself.


@Aaron128l Hey, i have been using the following code for a while:

!addcom -ul=mod !howlong $(touser) Has Been Following USERNAME on Twitch for: $(customapi https://apis.rtainc.co/twitchbot/following?channel=USERNAME&user=$(touser)).

(username etc filled in of course).
It always worked but since a couple of weeks ago if a user who isn’t following the channel it is giving weird errors like; https://gyazo.com/0677cb5a3de7a4dc76f179173d138323

Could you help me out here? Did something change so i have to change the url?

Thanks a lot in advance


Yeah you might want to reach out to @rtainc about that. He’s the one in control of that api.


How can i do that? I am new to this website haha


This command works great for regular followers but for mods it shows the time they were modded and not when they followed


Can you provide evidence of this happening? What is the exact api link you are using?


!commands add !followlength $(touser) has been following $(channel) since: $(customapi http://api.newtimenow.com/follow-length/?channel=$(channel)&user=$(touser))

Sorry I don’t have any screen shots


This was likely because they unfollowed on accident and just re-followed within a quick amount of time. Unless they decided to follow you as they became a moderator, the service is working fine regardless.


How would you make a followers command to show how many followers the stream has?


Please refer to:


here’s something else just to make it a little more simple. just change both of the “USERNAME” sections to $(channel)
just makes it so that there is no editing required of the custom Command


i must be pretty dumb hahahah… were do i type this info and what would i write if my channel name is niitro89? thanks guys love the idea of this command


You type this command directly into twitch chat and it should work:

!addcom !howlong $(touser) Has Been Following $(channel) On Twitch Since $(customapi http://api.newtimenow.com/follow-length/?channel=$(channel)&user=$(touser))

$(channel) is replaced with the channel name wherever it is ran

$(touser) is replaced with whatever name is used immediately after the command and defaults to the person who ran it if none is provided.

If you want it to be restricted to a certain userlevel you would add -ul=[userlevel] after !howlong


Do I use this as the command or in the message part?? Also is this the one for the time added not the date? Thanks


As i said:

so just copy paste what i wrote into twitch chat and it will work. Alternatively, if you are in the nightbot panel you can name it !howlong or whatever you want to call it, then paste this part in the message field:

$(touser) Has Been Following $(channel) On Twitch Since $(customapi http://api.newtimenow.com/follow-length/?channel=$(channel)&user=$(touser))

This one is just for dates i believe, not time since.


Is there an option to show the “total” time an users has been following a channel if the user unfollowed the channel by mistake a sec and then refollowed it.
I mean, there is an option/command to add the “1st” followtime and “2nd” followtime and show the total?



Twitch doesn’t store how many times you follow a channel so this isn’t possible.


does not work for me i just get the reply not following for any that uses it.