Switch url from a command?

Hi everyone.
I want to make 2 simple commands
1 is !rt(x.cm) obviusly, it show a message and a url in /annouce(mode)
2 is !setrt “link here of the last tweet”
Is really hard to go out in this community, trying to find it how to do it
Whe I use !rt “message here” “link here”(example: share my last tweet for help me twitter.c
Whe I use !setrt “put new link here”
that’ sit, ty for you time and sorry for being drunk here trying to do this :frowning:
I finded how its in other streamers, but it only shows a [1] next to "edit !rt /annouce “message here” "

yes, u have it there…

!addcom !setrt -ul=mod -a=!commands edit !rt /announce $(query)

but before u trigger !setrt u need to create !rt

!addcom !rt something

put both of those in the chat and then when u or a mod types !setrt and something after it, it will add that something to !rt

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