Support for Kick Streaming

Is there any development being considered for Kick Streaming? I’m just curious since you have support for Twitch, YouTube, and Trovo. I thought maybe there is something in the works.


I second this. Since so much time was spent creating commands already.

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I agree with this cause i cant find any other bots yet

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SInce this post, I have found Botrix. And for chat consolidation I found a browser plugin called which was written by the same guy that wrong

Yess this would be a godsend tbh! All the other available bots for Kick are either not as good as Nightbot, or buggy as hell :frowning:

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I agree… Nightbot would be awesome!

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I’d like to add that since I posted this I’ve been slowly configuring Botrix and it’s actually quite cool! It allows you to have sort of channel points and make a virtual store where your viewers can use a command to “buy” things with those points, if you’re creative enough you could make so much stuff honestly!
You can even configure alerts, it has mini games you can add to your stream, it can send notifications to your discord server when you go live, (which is something most discord bots make you pay for), so I highly recommend it :blush:

If it’s any consolation about the lack of Nightbot on Kick, Botrix lets you import Nightbot settings and commands, so at least it isn’t inconvenient to have to swap bots :joy:

At the moment Kick doesn’t have an open API for others to interface with. If that changes we would be able to consider supporting Kick.

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