Super Mario Maker Queue Manager

I’ve created a series of urls that can be used as an API to manage your queue. Everything is managed with chat commands which also means users don’t have to open an additional tab just to submit a level. The entire list of commands can be found here: I do regular updates to add features. You may request features to be added here if you wish. Feedback is always welcome.

Planned updates:

  • Be able to create races with an unlimited number of levels. Keep track of the world record for the race and a way to link to the video.
  • View all levels you marked as a favorite
  • Manually change the position of a course in the queue. ( Might be used for subscribers having their levels near the top.)
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This looks pretty neat. Have you considered interfacing with the Nightbot API to automate adding/managing these commands for users instead? You can check out the docs at

I hadn’t thought about that. If Nightbot is limited to 25 commands though I’m already at around 20 commands that this uses. That may cause issues with automatically adding commands for them. I wouldn’t be opposed to trying to create a page that lists every command and then beside the command have a button to click to add it to your commands.

The way I solved this is by creating 1 command, where $(1) parameter is the actual action you want to call.

For example:

Will be:
!mario about
!mario beatlevel
!mario closequeue

This way users only have to add the command once, and they wont have to update anything when you add or edit something in your command.

The issue then becomes controlling access to each command and it gets messy trying to do API calls to Twitch to figure out if user is of proper level. Not all commands are meant to be used by all users. Some are just for moderators and owners.

There’s no need to do API calls for that information. You can pass that via a querystring parameter:

I guess I didn’t dive deep enough in variables. I’ll maintain legacy support and add one command that can access everything.

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