Suggestion - TwitchPlays<game> input filter

Suggesting a feature to hide input commands for streams such as TwitchPlaysPokemon, making it easier to read messages sent between the commands. I tried using the Blacklist Keyword feature in BetterTTV but that removes every message that includes the command, no matter how long the message is.

For example, in TTP the most used command is ‘a’, but if I blacklist ‘a’ then messages such as ‘give me a hint’ would be removed. I need a way to blacklist only messages that use ‘a’ and are 1-3 characters long. So, if someone typed ‘a potato’ then it wouldnt be removed.

Hey @iiiibrianiiii!

For new BetterTTV suggestions, please open an issue on the GitHub.

My opinion: this is a good idea, however, it’s very likely to be limited to only filter out messages starting with an exclamation mark ! as most commands start as such. In other words: BetterTTV won’t guess “a” is a command, so it won’t hide it. Adding a feature for a specific chat isn’t worth it. That said, another option would be to allow for Regex in the BetterTTV blacklist, wherefore you’d be able to hide only the messages that contain just “a” for example.

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I don’t think I know what that is. Pretty new to all this.

It’s a cool thing that allows you to match only specific bits in a string, gives you much granular control, but this isn’t something possible with BetterTTV yet.

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thanks for the help with all this. Hope that feature comes to BTTV someday soon.

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