Suggestion to implement in Nightbot

Suggestion to implement in Nightbot:

  • Add alerts from follower, subscriber, donations, etc.

Who wants to suggest more ideas better.

Hey @alex23!

You can already do this: Nightbot Alerts In Chat

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Yes, but I mean to put alerts as it can be done in streamlabs or streamelements. The method that you have given me is a bit confusing and especially about the fact that every 30 days you have to update the access token. Thank you very much for the reply.

Ah, you meant visual alerts then perhaps, NightDev used to offer such service back in the days, but stopped because other services started to offer them.

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Yes, NightDev no longer works :frowning: I hope that one day they will put it back I like Nightbot more than the other bots.

NightDev still works, they offer Nightbot as a product and you’re on their website right now, the product you’re referring to was called Visual Alerts, and it’s likely not coming back because of the cost to run it and because there are alternatives.

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Is there a video tutorial where they explain it? I don’t want to use streamlabs or streamelements because every time I’ve had a problem, the technical support took a long time to answer me and they weren’t very friendly, I prefer Nightbot it’s very simple, I would include in Nightbot: alerts, that you can put in obs the chat and a list of events (last follower, subscriber, …) For me it is the best bot, and for people who do not know much it would be the best because it is something very basic. And now I am learning how to implement the bot in discord, although it is difficult because I do not control it much.

The only thing you can have with Nightbot at the moment is alerts in chat, which I gave you a link to a guide for, there is no video, but it’s well explained. And as said in my previous answer, Visual Alerts are not a thing anymore.

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