Suggestion to fix long first word problems

Whenever the first word or set of non breaking characters is to long, the mod/admin/broadcaster icons and the subscriber icon get bumped up a line.
I might have found a solution for the problem: at line 127, replace ‘:&nbsp;’ with ‘:<wbr>’.
This will cause any long message to be displayed on a new line in stead of starting a new line just after the subscriber and/or mod icon.

Also, is there a way to display the correct capitalisation of usernames?

Do you have an example of this issue, I can’t seem to reproduce it:

It’s possible you are modifying the CSS in a way that disrupts the existing CSS.

As for correct capitalization, this is not possible at this time. It is rumored that Twitch is looking to add display names in chat soon™. At that time we’ll start supporting them too.

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