Suggestion Nightbot commands

I am a chat moderator for a well known space related youtube live stream.
One thing I’ve noticed that is lacking, and would be easy to fix, is that on the Nightbot commands listings the command should be clickable, when clicked, the contents of message are copied to the clipboard so that moderators can post the text of the message if they want, rather than waiting for Nightbot to do it, there can be some delay on YT.


I think this goes against the purpose of the bot, which exists to post the message in response to a command. The delay of the bot should be fairly reasonable these days assuming the chat is active enough. If your chat is moving slow, Nightbot will respond slow. It gives prioritization to fast moving chats.

I agree that it goes against the purpose of the bot but in cases where Nightbot doesn’t respond etc it would be a useful feature. It would enable moderators to search for a particular topic and post the corresponding message with ease and I would ask that you at least consider this as an option. It would at least give us a backup feature in case of failure, and sometimes we want to search for an interesting message and post it in chat to keep the chat on topic etc.

We experienced a failure for a while just recently, admittedly not for too long but we were left helpless without the Nightbot commands.

I think rather than build backup features it’s wiser for us to minimize failures. Overall uptime in the past year is quite good, though recently we’ve been hitting some growing pains we are still working through.

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