Suggestion: Autoskip Songs of Non-viewers

It would be great if Nightbot can check whether the user is in chat before playing his/her songrequest. If the user is not in chat, it will autoskip his/her song.

If the user hasn’t talked in chat they cannot request a song, so this is kind of already handled.

What if he requests 2 songs, and then leave the stream. Nightbot shudnt play his songs. He’s not even there to hear them.

That would require nightbot constantly checking the viewer list and the songs request list, which it doesn’t do, and could be prone to errors in some situations.

Does it really matter if the person is not there to hear them? They aren’t the only person that has to listen to the song on stream, presumably your only worry should be whether all viewers of your stream are fine with the music. Not just whether the single person who requested is there.

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