Subscriber Role not working properly

The integration between twitch and discord is not working properly. The night bot keeps removing ranks of subs and gifted sub members. Its getting pretty frustrating and it doesn’t look like there are any replacement bots. So help?

Nightbot does not sync subscribers, so it isn’t possible that Nightbot is removing/adding subscribers in your Discord server.

Yes I read some information that sub role is actually done through discord/twitch integration. However, these audit logs show the night bot specifically removing the sub roles

Attached screenshot to show

You should double check your settings to make sure the subscriber role isn’t set for regulars, VIPs, or mods

My first post includes a picture that shows the setting and what roles are set for each.

Its just continuing to remove roles. Even just the regular roles. I don’t get it

The logs screenshot you showed is from 7 days ago. Do you have more recent logs showing it removing subscribers with the current configuration? Nightbot is supposed to remove roles from users who should not have them, so if a user is not a regular on Nightbot it will remove their role on Discord.

We have decided to use a different service. Thank you for your help.

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