!subcount not working

The $(twitch subcount) command for !subcount is not working for a stream I mod for and am a manager of.
I have tried removing nightbot and bring it back in, I have tried deleting and redoing the command, I have had the streamer log out and back into Nightbots website. Nothing is working.

The response I keep getting is

Tshotzzz: !subcount

Nightbot: Unknown Error Occurred. If problem persists, please contact support.

if that’s the way u typed it in the command, it’s telling nightbot to look for twitch info on a streamer named “subcount”… to get the actual subcount it goes like this…

$(twitch $(channel) "{{subcount}}")

The above command I typed out in the OP works in my stream but will not in his, The command you provided me returns with Nightbot now saying {{subcount}} only.

does it say the word, or give the sub count?.. if the word, it may need to be {{subCount}} instead… i tried to double check that when i sent that, but the nightbot docs r broken atm so i wasn’t able to look at it… but if it’s just giving the number, that’s what that does, u can add text before/after the whole thing OR inside the quotes

It is just saying the word {{subcount}}, Okay let me retry with {{subCount}}. Any reason why $(twitch subcount) works in my channel and others but not his?

lol, that one is beyond me… i’ve never seen or heard of it working that way before XD

Then this is my channel

that’s a new one on me, lol… what about removing the quotes and everything between them? (that SHOULD give a bunch of info about the channel)

That just replies with that the streamer is offline.

um… well, maybe u’re lucky and the docs will work for u… right under the “message” box there’s a link that says command variables… try that, and if it DOES work for u, down the left side, towards the bottom it’ll have the $(twitch) variable

Yeah I tried that and sadly it doesn’t load anything :confused:

well see, it’s also possible the name is different… it could be {{SubCount}} (not likely)… or maybe {{subscribers}}… i can’t really remember, lol

Yeah anything i change it to inside {{here}} just makes nightbot respond with whatever I type

hmmm… maybe this is some kinda hiccup from the rewrite they were talking about… i hope everything’s ok

aha, so they fixed the docs… it’s actually…

$(twitch $(channel) "{{subscriberCount}}")

i knew it was something like that, lol

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