Stripper name command

hi ive found one of those lists where you can find your stripper name (eg A -first letter of your first name + B second letter of your last name + C 3rd letter of your last name etc)

i was wondering is there anyway i could take these 3 lists (A,B and C) and make a command that would generate a random stripper name for ppl in chat?

im a noob at this so not sure if its possible to generate from 3 seperate lists at the same time otherwise i would have to manualy input every possbile variable into one txt

any help would be great thanks

Hey @blockws!

There’s a solution, but it’ll require some work from you.
First head over to Pastebin and create an account to be able to come back to your pastes later if you need to edit them.

We’ll create your first paste, it’ll look like this:

	"A": [
	"B": [
	"C": [

As you can see, you have your 3 lists A, B, and C, now you just have to fill them. Replace X_item_n by the items from your list. Be very careful with the syntax, " (quotations marks) and , (commas) are very important: each item is inside quotation marks, and the whole is followed by a comma if another item comes after.

Once you’re done, save the paste: make sure it’s set to never expire and to unlisted.

Then here’s the command:

$(eval u=$(urlfetch json;`${u.A[Math.floor(Math.random()*u.A.length)]} ${u.B[Math.floor(Math.random()*u.B.length)]} ${u.C[Math.floor(Math.random()*u.C.length)]}`;)

Replace XXXXXXXX with your paste ID.

freekin love you! thanks i’ll give it a try - also where in the command would i put the [user]?
i want it to read

[user] your stripper name is [A+B+C]

(sorry, like i said im a noob)

thanks for the help!!!

There are two options:

$(user) your stripper name is $(eval ...)

$(eval ... `$(user) your stripper name is ${u.A[Math.floor(Math.random()*u.A.length)]} ...)

ive just tried all that but when i input the code it comes back with ‘unexpected identifier’ in chat - and also when i tried to add the ‘$ (user your stripper name is $(eval…’ etc part it doesnt work at all

https :// pastebin . com / scG2q4SL

any ideas?


Oh, that must be because your paste is private, it should be unlisted, sorry about that, I always forget there’s a distinction between private and unlisted on that website…

hi that worked great ive got the names to generate - but how do i get the - $ (user) your stripper name is $(eval… - part to work? when i try to add the command it doesnt register as a command nothing happens? i placed it at the start of the code is that right? probably easier if you type it as one cos im a dummy :frowning:

$(user) your stripper name is $(eval u=$(urlfetch json;`${u.A[Math.floor(Math.random()*u.A.length)]} ${u.B[Math.floor(Math.random()*u.B.length)]} ${u.C[Math.floor(Math.random()*u.C.length)]}`;)

Replace XXXXXXXX with your paste ID.

yea that still hasnt worked with the user, im not getting the ‘command added succesfully’ message - im trying to add the command offline when stream is down - does that make a difference, would i need to do it in chat when the stream is live???

Oh? Are you on YouTube? If so, then yes. Or you could add it from the dashboard as well, it doesn’t care if you’re live or not.
Also, just in case you didn’t know, to add a command from the chat, you have to use !addcom:

!addcom !commandName text/code

If you’re on Twitch and !addcom doesn’t work, it might be due to !commands not being enabled.

no im on twitch ive added commands before and this code works perfect just when i try to add the ‘$ (user)…’ part at the start nothing happens, theres no message to say its been added succesfully or not :frowning:

Have you checked if !commands is enabled?

I’ve actually had an issue similar to this in the past the simplest fix is just to add the command through the dashboard at

ah ok - im just the mod though its not my setup

Ah, yeah, the streamer might have disabled the !commands, so you can’t add new commands from the chat, you have to do it through the dashboard, which you can only do if the streamer made you a manager. At this point we can’t help further, ask the streamer.

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ok thanks for all the help

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