Streaming music from youtube

I did everything I could find to use Nihghtbot. I have the app, I modded it in my channel, but nothing seems to work. I just want to stream the playlist of youtube music that I have set in the custom playlist I made, but every time I try to start the playlist, it does not seem to work.

Heya! Can you clarify what is not working?

Yeah, I am trying to play music on stream, but it will not play

Can you hear the music playing on your PC locally, do you get any errors, what do you see at the AutoDJ page (

Yeah I can see all of that, I can hear the music coming from my computer but it does not play on stream

If you can hear the music from your computer then Nightbot is working fine, you need to check that your streaming software on your pc captures the sound to broadcast it.

how would i do that?

Are you using streaming software like OBS? Nightbot will output the music on your default audio device, so in your streaming software you have to check that you are capturing the right audio device.
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I am using OBS, but every time I use obs to start streaming, I get a black screen with music but not gameplay. Every time I start streaming from the Twitch App on my console, there is game sound but no music.

For the Nightbot music you will need to be streaming from your PC, however I can’t really help you with your OBS issue.

how would I stream and play music from my console?

This is not possible.

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