NightBot AutoDJ not connecting to OBS Studio

I’m having trouble connecting the AutoDJ to OBS so that I have background music in my stream. I have looked around and found nothing. The closest thing I have found is saying that if you keep the window open that it works and OBS captures it. However, this didn’t solve my problem. I had my stream open, played some music for a little bit (long enough to allow for more than enough latency) and I didn’t hear any music off of the stream. I only heard it off of the beta program.

I am using the most recent version of OBS Studio and NightBot Beta Win 10 application.

the nightbot AutoDJ doesn’t “connect” to OBS. All it does is play sound through your default audio device in this case. For OBS to pick it up and be able to hear it you need to set it to do so in your OBS settings (the audio tab) you need to ensure that your desktop audio device is set to wherever the music is playing through.

It has been set to my headset that I am using. That is where the sound is coming out.

And the stream is not picking it up? Does the OBS mixer show that it is detecting sound from the desktop audio device when only the music is playing?

I have 2 capture parts in the mixer. Neither have any indication that they are picking anything up.

This is what it looks like while the music is playing. Both ‘Desktop Audio’ and ‘Audio Output Capture’ are set to my headset.

Audio from the app is output to your default audio device for Windows. Configure the default audio device if it’s not set properly.

Check. It is always set to my headset. I checked just in case and it is still set to it.

Then also make sure you set OBS to listen to the right device in its audio settings too. If you still have issue, you might try reaching out to OBS since there might be a bug in their software.

Ok. I checked and it has been set to my headset.

Thanks for trying though. :slight_smile:

If you want to check out my post on the OBS Forum:

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