Streaming from ps4 need help

im trying to get everything setup to have a decent stream but i dont know how to get the music from nightbot to play over stream. i have music set into a playlist and it says on the music page that its playing but none hears it.

This isn’t possible through built-in console streaming. You need a desktop streaming software like OBS in order to capture the audio output from your computer.

can i download obs to my laptop (what im using now to monitor my stream and stuff) and link it to my twitch on my ps4? sorry if i sound stupid but im still trying to get started with twitch. im going off a youtube video i found for setting up a twitch and having an overlay, obs, nightbot and stuff like that.

No. Your livestream can only come from one source. Most streamers use a capture card to capture input from their consoles to their PC and livestream from OBS.

so all i need is obs and a capture card? if so would you have an recommendations? im not smart when it comes to this kind of stuff. im just trying to do something with my spare time and maybe make money lol.

You can read more about streaming from other sources, like this guide from the Twitch subreddit.

am i supposed to be able to click the blue guide word? cause if so i cant.

Fixed, sorry about that.

all good i looked on google and found the reddit for twitch and then i found the obs help thread

thank you for helping.

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