Stream URL Request - html embed player on website

Would there be just a stream URL I can click on to listen to? I know there is the player, but like just a external streaming link. Like this… – it just has a player on it and its streaming from my playlist?

Hiya, there is no external player, just the Auto DJ page: Nightbot

Gotcha, so there is no streaming URL? if a user makes a song request, where does it play through? would I have to get the youtube streaming URL? then users can hear the stream through that URL?

The streamer will need to have the Auto DJ page open in their browser (or Nightbot app), and play the music from there, your broadcast software should pick up this audio and play it on your stream.

getting clearer now, I am think…
So I need to setup my own custom stream like icecast? and when a user makes a song request through discord, it will pass through nightbot into my icecast streaming URL? and thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and get some clear understanding how this works, and the path I am trying to get to.

No problemo. Not sure how you are using Nightbot, if it’s just for Discord song requests then there probably are other solutions/bots for that.
Nightbot is used as chat bot for streams on Twitch/Youtube, so with my last comment I meant your streaming software for example OBS to capture the sound and broadcast it to your Twitch/Youtube channel.

Thank you, I am understanding now… what caught my eye is that nightbot can process song request, so I thought maybe I could utilize that feature and pass through song request that come from discord. I will try and explain what I am looking for…

The user logs into discord and hops on my server - user makes a song request - bot goes out to a source like youtube or soundcloud etc… to grab that media - that media is then sent to a streaming server that publishes a streaming URL so users can hear there song request just through that URL that the streaming server is providing.

Hope that makes sense…

Yeah I see what you mean, then Nightbot is not the bot for your use case. I don’t have any alternative solutions for you unfortunately…

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