Stream shrinking with BetterTTV in Firefox

So since I discovered BetterTTV about a little less than month ago, 75% of the time when I view a stream the video player shrinks dramatically when the player loads the stream in (Example: When I open a page, the player is at the default size until the stream loads then it shrinks to the size shown. I looked around the forum and there was only a 1 or 2 instances of this happening in some way but I don’t think there was any resolution to the problem. I’ve cleared my cache & cookies, disabled all of my extensions in Firefox except BetterTTV, updated Flash, Java, and GPU drivers, disabled any firewall/antivirus programs I have and still nothing. It shrinks almost every single time. I have to use theatre mode constantly which I’ve dealt with but I’d rather just have the normal, default sized player.

Any workarounds or fixes for something like this?

This is a rare condition, and can easily be fixed by resizing the window after it happens or resizing your chat to be wider (which will resize your page on every page load for you).

Yea, resizing my browser window or chat does nothing. If I resize my window down small enough for the video player to get smaller than it is in that screenshot, when I maximize Firefox it just resizes the player back to the super small size like in the screenshot. It doesn’t resize it to the default size. Even if I pop the player out or full screen it it still just goes right back to the small size when I go back.

If resizing your browser does not fix the problem, then perhaps you have an additional add-on installed that conflicts with BetterTTV. Try disabling all other Twitch add-ons and seeing if that helps.

im having this problem as well and i have no other twitch related add ons.

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