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Stream options via URL

Is it still possible to pass streams options via URL? I saw this older related post Feature request: Pass in stream options via URL, but the method in that no longer seems to work.

It looks like these broke when we rebuilt the website. What’s your use case for needing these?

I use Twitchcast quite often, so I find annoying and repetitive to manually input the streamer’s name and options into the website every time I want to cast a stream. Ideally I’d just like to press one button to input these parameters. This could be in the form of a bookmark/shortcut on my windows or android desktop. That’s why I it would be nice to pass the parameters via the http request.

At one point I even tried making an script with python and selenium library to fulfill that functionality, just never got around to finishing it. I’ve also thought about making a chrome extension for it at some point. Just now found these forums and thought I’d ask instead.

I’ve restored the ability to pass in these same querystring parameters.

Thanks! It works like a charm now.

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