Strawpoll's API returned an error

Every time I use the !poll command I keep getting

StrawPoll’s API returned an error. Try again later.

Is it just me or is everyone’s !poll command not working?

I also tried logging into strawpoll site and I can’t login.

Yeah it’s seems like whatever version of the api night uses was either changed or removed because according to their website they aren’t down. I obviously can’t speak for night but in my opinion it is not that useful of a feature anymore since YouTube and twitch both have built in polls now I’m not sure about trovo but I wouldn’t count on it getting fixed if I was betting. I also can’t speak for the not being able to login because I don’t have a straw poll account but if they are related there is a chance strawpoll might fix it.

Twitch poll sucks because it’s limited to 5 options.
Strawpoll can accomodate more optiosn that’s why I wanted to use it

Hey @dabidski!

Please use the search bar before opening a new topic that’s already been answered before:

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Hi @Emily, sorry about that. I did search for it first but the topic was already closed and there were no instructions in it on how I could fix the problem.
The problem is not that the votes aren’t counting. I just can’t create a new poll at all.
I saw your message on a related topic

Looks like Nightbot needs to renew the StrawPoll’s API token, I’ll pass the message along and hopefully the dev will have the time to fix the issue quickly.

Is it possible it’s the same problem?

It might be a related problem but there’s no way for us to really know so you’ll have to wait for night to see this topic most likely.

Ok thank you very much!

Nice, you found the topic I was meaning to quote in the first place.
That said, last time I tested, I came to the conclusion the issue was likely on StrawPoll’s side because not only voting from the popup on Twitch wasn’t working, but even voting on the newly created poll directly on the website wasn’t.

Lately, the error seems to imply the token expired, but I wouldn’t be surprised the issue where votes aren’t counted continues once this one is fixed.

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Strawpoll’s API has no token. Documentation is at

If it’s not working, then it’s likely the API/Strawpoll is having issues or blocking our requests.


Oh, thank you for the correction.

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Ok, I guess we can’t do anything about it. No one is responding in strawpoll support :frowning_face:

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