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StrawPoll’s API returned an error


I’m trying to make a poll, and nightbot always responds the same thing.

StrawPoll’s API returned an error. Try again later

It’s been 3 days, and it doesn’t work.

This is the comand I writte.

!poll new RESULTADO | 1 | X | 2

I’m doing something wrong, or is any other problem???


Hey @Zurine79!

Looks like Nightbot needs to renew the StrawPoll’s API token, I’ll pass the message along and hopefully the dev will have the time to fix the issue quickly.
Thanks for letting us know about the issue.

It seems to be working fine. It’s possible there was an issue on Strawpoll’s side that is now resolved.

Yeah, I sent a message in the Discord server and then tried a third time to make sure and at that point it was fixed. :woman_shrugging: I just forgot to update it here, my bad.

Thanks! I’ll try it tonight!