Stopped Working and stays at 6.6 (Chrome)

So I have tried re-installing it and such. I get no error and it has been this way for a week now.

It pops up in my extensions as 6.6 even though the site says 6.8.

im having the exact same issue

You can try clearing your cookies and cache. Otherwise, we need browser/OS info to see if something is common.

Night just to inform you, when I check what version there is in the chrome webshop, then it says this version for me.

Screenshoot from the webstore: Screenshoot uploaded to my dropbox

Version: 6.6
Opdateret: 5. november 2013
Størrelse: 7.66KB
Sprog: English

And it has also stopped working for me since yesterday, but to be hournest I have not tryed to clear cache and cookies yet

@night I know I’m not the OP but I have now tryed on my system to clear cache and cookies, and it wont load bttv for me.
About my setup then I’m running Windows 8.1 Danish and Chrome is Version 40.0.2214.91 m

EDIT: Just a update to you night. For some reason without any changes, then my bttv in chrome is starting to work again

Version differences between the webstore and the actual version are to be expected.

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