Still okay to post feature requests on the forums for discussion?

So I see that you now have a github for posting issues. Should feature requests only be posted there? Or should they also be posted on the forums? Has the github replaced the forums as the goto place for feature requests? Or is it serving a different purpose? If I post a feature request on one of them, should it not be posted on the other?

AFAIK its been a one or the other sort of thing, if you post on one there isn’t too much need to post on the other, as it will be seen by the developers (though that is mostly night, on the forums).

That being said usually github issues can have clearer tags, can be marked off as closed and can be more easily remembered to look at while coding, so both feature requests and issues go there. So the forum has become more support and possible issues and requests, while the github is more for definitive issues and requests. Also the github is there for things that have a github repo, obviously, namely BTTV and for the ones that dont the fallback is the forums for all things support, requests, and issues.