!sr ONLY adding "Marshmello ft. Bastille - Happier" no matter what link is put in


I recently set up my nightbot song request, but the problem is that every time someone tries to add a song it adds “Marshmello ft. Bastille - Happier” to the que. I’ve checked the links put in chat and the ones people are submitting are not to that song. I had to manually copy paste everyone links to songs into the “Request song” button on my autodj and they worked fine when I put them there. So basically someone will request a song with !sr and it puts “happier” into the playlist then for the next person that tries to add a song it tells them that there song is already in the playlist because it thinks its adding “happier” again I guess.This is a very strange bug and I hope someone can help me find the solution.
screenshots of my settings in case they can help solve this problem.(sorry I can only upload 1 photo)

Hey @chbird!

Did you edit !sr and include the song link perhaps?

I don’t believe so, this is the only command I added to setup !sr.

What’s in !songrequest?

Here’s the documentation on !songs commands.

I’m not sure what you mean, sorry I’m very new to the song request system. I put !songrequest because I thought that is what made !sr work. If I do !sr or !songrequest in my chat nightbot asks for a link to a song, but no matter what link I put in after !sr it thinks its the song “Happier”

This is my whole channel playlist

Yeah, I think !songrequest is an alias, but I’m not sure, I never really used the playlist from Nightbot, I just thought that maybe there was a link to the song stuck in the commands, overwriting anything that would be sent to it.
Anyway, I’d advise trying !songs request as an alias instead of !songrequest and see if it works.

Okay, I tried !songs request and that worked! So I changed the alias on !sr to !songs request and still ran into “Happier” which in fact- made me sadder.

Hold on, I think I get it. Sorry it’s a bit late for me so I’m slow, haha!

Delete !sr and try adding a song to the playlist, see if it works. I believe it’s a default Nightbot command so it should work.

If it doesn’t add !sr back, set the Message field with only $(query), and set the alias as !songs request. Nightbot will be mentioning the user itself if their song is added to the queue.

Thank you!! I deleted !sr from my custom commands and it seems to be working now! I’ve been itching my head over this for a week. tysm!


You’re welcome! Glad it worked!
Yeah, the devs think ahead by adding the short commands most of the time, but they forget to mention about it in the documentation. So yeah, sometimes adding a command is a bit over the top as it’s not necessary because it has been done for you, haha!
I could have figured it out faster if I wasn’t this tired, but I’m happy we got this figured out.
In case you’re wondering, the text in your Message field was likely triggering a search for the song and adding it, I don’t know how it interpreted it as you wanting this song, but that’s the most probable thing that was happening here.

Guess Nightbot likes “Happier” haha, thank you again! Make sure to get some rest!:slight_smile:

Haha, yeah maybe! You’re very welcome and thank you, you too, wherever you may be!

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