!sr command for listing song requests

Hello everyone. (sorry for my bad english)
I am started streaming new and using nighbot. I am streaming Just dance games and i see other streamers using !sr command and taking song quests. I added from custom code and activete my nighbodt chat bot not workin.
!sr hips dont lie

I search on google and youtube but i cant find anyting. Maybe i am lookin wrong pages. Anyone can give me info ? I am really noob this bot stuff :confused:

Hey @madjurixl!

They might be using the AutoDJ along with a limiting playlist, even thoโ€™ itโ€™s not its primary use.

Thanks for answer but still dont undersant. I asked other streamers and they cant explain too. If some one request song autodj starts playing. I wana do a song request list. How to make this ?
And i know i askin so stupid question here but idk how to make it.

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