SR alist command (song request)

I used to use !sr song name, so that users could search for a song by name rather than youtube link with !songrequest.

The alias/query command that worked pre-beta was as follows: $(alias !songrequest $(customapi$(query)))

Could someone explain how the new alias system would word the command? This is what I get from that page:

!commands add !command_name -ul=userlevel -cd=cooldown -a=!alias command response

!sr is already built into Nightbot for ease of use. However if you want to overwrite it you can use:

!commands add !play -a=!songrequest $(customapi$(query))

There is no need to use a remote service to search by name any longer. In the Nightbot beta searching by name is already integrated.

If you still want to use the other search system, you can. In that case @Aaron128l’s example is the way you would do that.

Thanks! It worked as soon as I deleted the old alias command. Very good improvement from old system, since its a hassle to copy/paste links.

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