Split chat off in FF = Huge padding


I’m using Firefox 31.0 with BTTV 6.8 and there’s a problem if we disable the “split chat” option to keep the background of the chat like it is by default. Here is a screen (new users can’t put an image apparently).
I checked the source and the problem seems to come from this (in betterttv.css) :
#chat_line_list .line p .chat_line, .ember-chat .chat-messages .chat-line {
padding-top: 5px;
margin-top: inherit;

If i delete this style the chat is back to a normal form without all those massive spaces between each messages. So for now i just disabled BTTV.

See ya.

We use a larger text size than Twitch does by default. It’s more comfortable on the eyes.

The fact it’s a larger text size is okay. But the fact you add even more padding isn’t much comfortable imo (and it’s probably a bug). I’d prefer to be able to get as many messages as possible on the screen.

After many time passed without this plugin, i tried it again and… This padding problem is still not fixed. With “split chat” from on (by default) to off, the chat takes more place, it’s annoying.

As night said before, the extra text size is easier on the eyes. This also applies to the line height. As a designer, I very often increase line height as a way to make an interface seem cleaner, without sacrificing features.

This is not a bug that can be ‘fixed’ and I will not be changing it.