Spam Protection (Repetition) Help

Hi all,

So I have users who will sometimes come in and type the same message over and over. I turn on slow mode so that it’s not so bad but I would like to time out users who do that. Slow mode isn’t fun for my chat so I try to avoid turning it on when I can.

How can I get Nightbot to time out those who send the same message repeatedly or is that even possible?

Hey @Lord_Shaedow!

You might want to have a look into the spam protection filters, here’s a link to the repetitions filter documentation.

Hi @Emily,

Thank you for your reply. So I’d already looked at the documentation and thought it was set up yet spammers go unnoticed it seems. Perhaps I need a better explanation of the limit setting. How would you set this to catch a spammer who for example posted the same message five times in a row? I have someone who likes to come by and just post ‘hi’ over and over until I eventually catch and ban them or one of my mods do but I would like Nightbot to do it if that is possible.

Oh, I thought you didn’t read it, my bad.

Okay, so to set it, go to the spam protection setting on your dashboard.
Then make sure the filter is enabled, if it’s not, you’ll have an enable button to click on.

Now, let’s have a look at the options: the two settings you might want to adjust are the timeout length and the limit.
timeout length: Nightbot can’t ban, it can only timeout, for the first time of the stream someone is caught spamming, Nightbot will only timeout the user for 5 seconds, if it happens again, Nightbot will timeout the user for the amount of time you set up there, it’s in seconds, so 600 equals to 10min.
limit: that’s the percentage of repetition before it’s considered spam, basically, if it’s set to 50% and if I say the cat is blue and then the cat is black, Nightbot will consider this as a repetition and issue a timeout. If it’s set to 100%, the user will have to write exactly the same message to be caught.

Now, when it comes to your user spamming hi, if they don’t post it very frequently, like 5 times over an hour instead of 5 times under 5 minutes, Nightbot probably won’t catch them. Nightbot isn’t there to replace your mods, it’s a tool to assist them, they still have to work, haha! Also, I fail to see how someone saying hi multiple time is a real trouble, they can simply be lurking, so they watch a bit of your stream, they go, and then come back, saying hi again.

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