!songs skip not working properly

when I use !songs skip, for some reason the song wont skip until the current song is over.
when I check at https://beta.nightbot.tv/t/masarubae/song_requests it will show that current song / nothing playing. but shows more songs on the list below.

is there an error currently? or is it just something im doing wrong?

Skipping songs only works for the broadcaster on the AutoDJ page. When someone in chat skips a song, Nightbot tells the broadcaster’s page that the song was skipped (and so it then skips the song). If you are not using the AutoDJ page, then that is why the songs do not get skipped.

broadcaster is on AutoDJ page. !songs request !songs current !songs play all works fine
its just the skip that doesnt work properly.

Then the broadcaster is unable to connect to our websocket service on that page. If that’s the case there’s nothing we can do. Tell the broadcaster to make sure they’re using an Internet connection that does not utilize a proxy, since those tend to cause issues.

i’ll check with the broadcaster tmrw but if what ur saying is causing the issue, shouldnt other command not work as well?

from my last test, all commands ive tested worked properly without any problems. even other commands in !songs worked perfect. only !songs skip is giving me issue.

I know you have alot to work on but please review once more.

I will check with the broadcaster if he is using proxy and get back to you tmrw.


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