SongRequest/ not working

I recently started streaming and tried to turn on song request. so i went to autoDJ and enabled it. after that i went to my twitch chat and did !songrequest {URL} but it didnt work. it said it was playing but when i went to watch the stream on my phone it had no sound? How can i fix it

Is it properly playing on your computer/in your browser? You did have the autoDJ page open, right? I would also like to recommend the nightbot docs on the topic,

yea i have everything it is in the beta and i dont know if it quite works yet

i have tried soundcloud and spotify along with youtube but nothing has worked

So, just double checking, but the sound is properly playing for you? It sounds like your streaming software isn’t configured to pick it up. It needs to be set to pick up sound coming from either a) your default desktop audio stream, or b) your specific browser sound.

Also, just making sure, but you aren’t streaming on console, right? You need to be streaming on a computer to be able to have song requests properly play on your stream.

So its running on my computer and i can here it but my stream cant unless i play the sound through my speakers. Whats the point of that why dont i just use my phone?

And yes i am on PS4 but i have done it before and other streamers do to so…

Streamers who are streaming ps4 gameplay and have songrequests are using a capture device to capture the ps4 and streaming on their computer along with the additional stuff they may do like have a facecam, songrequests, etc.

When you are streaming from the ps4 itself, the data is going straight to twitch (plus your mic or whatever), it has no knowledge that you have songrequests going at all. So you having songrequests on your computer doesn’t do anything, because the ps4 isn’t sending any data from the computer.

Then whats the issue now? I dont see how you could, since its not technically possible unless you just put it into your microphone, but thats very rudimentary. Sorry :confused:

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