SongRequest : musics don't start automatically, need to play manual

I am using OBS and set Nightbot up.
I installed the filed required to use the songrequest option, launch the currentsong.exe, and made a text to show currentsong on my twitch account.

The problem is I can add music, I can see them in the list on the manage song request requests, and I can then see them also in the autodj menu.

Nightbot is connected, and I click on Songs on

Then the music is not launching automatically… I have to press the play button to hear the music… If I add a second music, when the first one is finished, the second one does not launch autotmatically… I have to come and push again the play buton to make it start.

I am using firefox and I have adblock and ghostery installed… Don’t know what to do to let people make songrequest and see them play automaticaly ?

ps : sorry for english ( I am french )

Ok guys I made a test with the and opened with google chrome instead of firefox and when the first music is loaded it starts automatically. I listened to the first music and the second one ( added ) also started automatically.

Problem is therefore solved by using Google Chrome.

Do you know what can cause Firefox to block the automatic start of musics ? Thanks.

I disabled ad block for nightdev.

Make sure you’re using the latest version of Firefox. Also try disabling all browser addons and clearing your cookies and cache.

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