Song Requests Playlist - Clear Playlist is failing again

Song Requests Playlist - Clear Playlist is failing again. Can you fix it again please? I’m not sure why this tends to be an intermittent problem. Please fix, thank you.

It isn’t failing. The playlist is not the same thing as the queue. A playlist is a permanent list of tracks to be used when the queue is empty. Please refer the docs to learn more about the system: AutoDJ - Nightbot Docs

We’ve been over this before. I know how it works, and this isnt my first post. Do I need to take photos and video for you? You guys have fixed it before. There is a persistent 90+ tracks that wont clear and keep repopulating the playlist. I know what I am doing. Sometimes its over 200 tracls that won’t clear. I was very specific in which feature/button is not performing as intended. I’ve used Nightbot for years.

It looks like clearing your specific playlist caused new entries to be added. They are not the same tracks. You may have spawned duplicate imports or a playlist import stuck in a loop due to some issue with YouTube’s API. Regardless, we’ve added locking around imports and loop checking.

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