Song Requests only work for 1 request

Since the issue with Twitch a few nights ago my nightbot song requests are only allowing one person in chat to request a song then blocks all other viewers,mods and myself from requesting more.

If song requests do work then the correct songs are not selected nightbot seems to be selecting remixes and cover versions only.

Again I have parted channel logged in and out and joined channel again to no avail.

Any fixes welcomed as I do not want to use another bot in my stream but if needs must… :frowning:

Hey @OdoyleDoes_Gaming!

I think this could be the issue:
Click here to go to your Song Requests Dashboard.

hey my limits allow upto 15 song per viewers lol. i unfortunately have had to disconnect nightbot as it is unusable for me currently hopefully it works soon.

The User Limit isn’t what’s important here, but the Queue Length is.

my queue length is as high as it can go.

Hmm, okay, then I would suggest setting it lower in case it would force a reset of the parameter, save and see, if it works again you can set it back up to the max amount, if it doesn’t I don’t know what could be the issue, sorry.

ok no problem i will try it again tonight and let you know. thanks.

Hey Emily,
I tried your suggestion this appears to have solved requests being blocked however nightbot is still selecting some weird and wonderful versions of the songs requested lol

Hahaha, I don’t know how to solve this issue, however people could request URL links, or just the ID of the Youtube video in the link to select the exact song.

But I’m glad the main issue is now fixed!

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