Song Requests feature not working

Heya there. I operate a 24/7 YouTube stream and I’ve been using this Song Requests feature for nearly a year now. But suddenly, 2 weeks ago, Nightbot stopped showing in the stream and didn’t take anybody’s song requests into the queue. For 2 weeks I’ve tried nearly everything I could do. I removed and brought back Nightbot dozens of times, I made sure that Nightbot is a moderator on my channel. I made sure Nightbot isn’t banned, I reinstalled the Nightbot app and etc. I haven’t messed with any of my settings prior to this issue, it just suddenly stopped working. I really could use the help with getting song requests to work on my channel again. Can anybody help me?

You may need to restart your stream, as if Nightbot isn’t joining it then it’s because YouTube is not returning it as a live stream.

I have restarted the stream many times over the past few weeks and the problem is still unsolved.

Can you provide your YouTube channel id?

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