Song Requests Choosing Wrong Song

Some songs on my AutoDJ playlist are impossible to request.

Nightbot used to be extremely picky about words inputted into the song request command, which was a little annoying, but at least it always pulled up the desired song. Now, however, it seems as though Nightbot is just picking one word from the request, and adding the first result that pops up to the queue, even if it’s a slight variation of the word. For instance, !sr Memory brought up a song called “Memories” instead. I’ve even tried requesting songs using the exact YouTube url, and it still gives me a different result.

I don’t know if this is a consequence of the server change that happened a while back, but it’s incredibly frustrating for both my viewers and me when we can’t request some of our favorite songs no matter the combination of words or the link we use.

Hiya, first make sure to check that there is no custom !sr commands that overwrite the default !sr command:

Searching based on words can be tricky sometimes, especially a single word like ‘memory’, when there are multiple songs on youtube. However searching by the youtube ID should always get the correct song, the part behind watch?v= in your youtube url. If not, please show us an example, and a screenshot of your AutoDJ settings.

I have it set up to only pull songs from my AutoDJ playlist, so I don’t think it has anything to do with the amount of songs on YouTube with the search words, and I saw a previous forum post where the person’s problem’s stemmed from having a custom command, so I already checked and made sure I didn’t have one. I do not. I also know other people in my community who are having the exact same problem, and they also don’t have one.

I’m attaching an example of the requesting process using the URL, but I’m not sure where to find my AutoDJ settings to screenshot, so instructions on that would be helpful.

Here’s a screenshot to show the link, but I can only add one image per post so I’m going to add the other images in other responses.

This is me requesting the song using the exact same link.

Unravel Song Added

This shows that a completely different song was added. The Rime song is one of my absolute favorites, and it’s such a shame I can’t seem to request it.

Found the settings. Let me know if you want anything different.

Thanks for the info with screenshots. In your AutoDJ settings, under ‘Limits’ do you have ‘Limit to playlist checked’? That’s what you said if your first comment right, this means that the requested song has to be on your playlist to be able to get requested. That’s the only way I can replicate your ‘wrong song’ issue.

So doublecheck that you selected the right playlist in your AutoDJ settings under general and check that “The song of the sea” is in your Playlist:

Here’s the limit settings, which do say it’s pulling from my channel playlist and not Monstercat or the Twitch Music Library which are the only other options.

To get to that song on YouTube, I literally clicked on the link straight from the playlist, so it’s definitely in there.

Ever since Nightbot Auto DJ switched servers, I’ve been having this same issue.

Using keywords or even the direct YouTube URL link will not request certain songs. Thus, some songs have become impossible to request, some of my favorites, too. :frowning:

I also limit song requests to my playlist.

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