Song request Suggestion

We all want away to prevent troll songs right? well I guess we could try… but I know coding is hard (Pause) So I have a suggestion on how to setup a system that’s almost like a timer.
So in a stream I mod for there is a system we have set up where when someone follows we add then to the regulars list and enables them to request a song ( believe it or not they still follow and request the troll songs but thanks for the follow and extra veiw Kappa ) But I’m thinking of a way where you would have to be following for a certain amount of time or be on the regulars list for more than a certain amount of time in order to request a song.

You can add users as regulars to your own accord and can even use the Nightbot API to automate this process. However Nightbot don’t track the length that users are in chat or when they follow in real time so this isn’t exactly possible, sorry.

I mean twitch has to know somehow that someone is following a channel to talk in " followers only mode" so what about only persons who are following could request songs option?

We don’t use followers as a userlevel because isn’t a restriction, as someone can easily follow and unfollow.

When i type !songrequest (name of the song) then the nightbot says: Error. No tracks found… What do i do?

Disable the “limit to playlist” setting in AutoDJ or make sure that you have enabled the providers you want to search from.

Forget it. I fixed it :wink:

Yeah, but now when i type !songrequest (song) it play a song i don’t have suggested… It only plays that song…

If you’re getting unexpected results it’s because of your configuration. It’s unclear what options you’ve chosen, but you should play around with the settings until you get the expected result.

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