Song Request music player volume needs adjusting

Hi devs, is it possible to tweak the volume levels of the Auto DJ for song requests? I very often am on 2-4% volume, some songs need 1%, some need 10%.

Now, I know the inconsistency is because of different youtube/soundcloud songs just having different default levels. My point is not about that, it’s the fact that never needing to exceed 10% volume is a very frustrating mechanic.

Needing to adjust from 3% volume to 1% volume on a louder-than-usual song is tricky and irritating. Please consider adjusting this so that we can use the whole 1-100% volume range!

Thank you :smile:


If you have the default !songs command on, you can use the !volume command in chat like so:

!volume [new volume]

instead of fiddling around with the volume control on the dashboard.

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